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Solar Electric Power for San Diego
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IMAGINE a world where energy is so clean it causes zero pollution and so simple you hardly know it's there. No sound, no smoke, no CO2 - just pure power. That world is here now. That world is solar!

Solar power cells, (like those pictured here at a hilltop estate in Poway), rely upon curved mirrored troughs that concentrate sunlight. 

Solar thermal electric capacity is predicted to increase worldwide. The cost of building, operating, and maintaining solar thermal electric systems has decreased dramatically -- in some cases by a factor of ten -- and is expected to continue dropping. Solar-thermal designs may be economically competitive with some conventional electricity-generating technologies. By 2018, some solar thermal electric technologies could be producing electricity at $0.02 to $0.05 per kilowatt hour (kWh). 

Building a new home? Why not include your own electricity generating plant as part of your 21st century estate? Ask your architect about the advantages and rebates available for new home builders. Or, feel free to call Western-Solar for more information.

As for businesses: Improved productivity, product quality and health & safety issues are of concern to most industries. Global competition, environmental regulations, and limited energy/water resources can, more than ever, affect a company's decisions (and profit). "Wasted" energy is no different than wasted raw material, labor or opportunity, for "waste is a symptom of a problem. Wherever there is waste there are changes that must be made to make the business more efficient, more profitable. Like a canary in a mine shaft, waste alerts us to mistakes we are making in the way we do things

Specializing in On & Off Grid
Solar Electric Power for
San Diego and Southern California
(858) 668-1701
FAX: (858) 679-7625